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Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 056

Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 056 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mitt Romney doesn’t want you to know this but he and the 47% have a lot in common. After watching a very painful press conference where Mitt tried to convince us that we didn’t hear what we heard, a few things popped into my mind and when he is heard saying on the video that the 47% feel entitled to receiving freebies from–“Health care, to food, to housing…that’s an entitlement…and the government should give it to them”, I was completely offended and I found it ironic that the “entitlements” Romney spoke of are the same exact entitlements the very rich tend to feel they are owed.

I was a banker for 13 years and I worked in an affluent community for 8 1/2 of those 13 years and what I learned in my 13 years of giving “superior customer service” to both the wealthy and middle to low-income customers is how similar the attitudes are of the very rich and the 47%  Romney discussed in his leaked “off the cuff” (his words…not mine) remarks at a GOP fundraiser last May. When it comes to money and getting things for free there is a feeling of entitlement but the entitled tend to be the rich.

As a banker I learned the following; The rich expect that because they are allowing you to hold their money, all of their services should be or will be given to them free. The 47% expect that you will charge them for holding their money and while they may ask for some service fees to be waived the overall expectation is that there will be a charge and they budget in that charge as a “Cost of doing business”. So I find it interesting that the very people who truly feel entitled to free services are the very people who then turn around and try to shame you for daring to think like them.

This years presidential campaign has taken on an “Us vs. Them” mentality and it reminds me of the lords and the serfs I learned about in Junior High School. History teaches us where we’ve been and how we got there and the discussions that are being held today over the haves and the have nots are eerily similar to those of the Middle Ages and for those who don’t remember, that ended with the serfs revolting.

What we all witnessed last night was the game changer. Mitt Romney’s campaign has begun to self-implode before our eyes and even for those of us who already know we are voting to re-elect the President, it is never fun to watch a man fall from grace.

Mitt’s actions and inability to clearly articulate his agenda have left him looking like a bumbling idiot with a holier than thou attitude and to the 47% of us who don’t speak  the language of the “Entitled Asshole”, the one line from Mitt that was very clear and understood by all was that it is, “Not his job to worry about the 47%” and he is right because that job belongs to the President of the United States and his name is Barack Obama!

Mitt Romney - Caricature

Mitt Romney – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

In this weeks round up of “Gaffe’s by Mitt”, we find the GOP candidate struggling to find a consistent platform on which to stand and his achilles tendon, foreign policy, being thrown in his face…the man can’t catch a break! What I find most interesting is that Mitt’s strategy seems to be throw out everything and see what sticks and this is odd because he is running on his experience and acumen in the business world and yet he can’t seem to translate all of that “experience” into the kind of strategy one would expect from a former CEO of one the foremost management consulting firms in the world.

You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps and the P.R. machine that Mitt Romney has enlisted to help him win the Presidency has shown that they know nothing about politics, nothing about diplomacy and I am beginning to think they know absolutely nothing about the very people he wants to represent.

After the bombing of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Romney missed his opportunity to show us his presidential chops by showing empathy and taking a moment to reflect and speculate on what the next steps should be and instead took the opportunity to launch a political attack on President Obama calling the Presidents response “disgraceful”.

In times of trouble, no matter how one feels politically, we, the American people, have always been able to come together with one voice. Romney’s inability to take this moment and find consensus with the president shows how ill-prepared he is to lead a nation such as the United States and one has to wonder if his vision of the United States is stuck in an era where all you had to do was show up in the boardroom and offer up a smile and a handshake?

Wherever Mitt is, it’s obvious that he isn’t in line with the American people and members of his own party. He seems to be showing signs of desperation and Mitt should know better than anyone that when a company is looking to hire from a viable candidate pool, they will most assuredly pick the candidate who shows grace under fire.

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