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English: President George W. Bush and President-elect Barack Obama meet in the Oval Office of the White House Monday, November 10, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When George W. Bush was running for re-election in 2004, I had a customer, who was a registered republican and her case for George Bush’s being in office for four more years was–“We’re at war, he needs to be able to finish what he started.”

At the time, I was so over the lies that the world had been told about our reason from deviating from the original plan to find and bring to justice, Osama bin Laden, just so he could take revenge on Saddam Hussein and destroy his non-existent “weapons of mass destruction” that I found no reason to keep this man as the leader of our country. So fast forward four years and the country was in a complete tailspin, we hadn’t found Osama bin Laden and I wanted to ask–“How are those four years working for you?”

I always found it interesting that leaders of the republican party felt no responsibility for their actions that led us into the worst financial crisis in modern history and then turned around and wanted us to believe that Obama was somehow a failure because he didn’t “clean up” the mess they created in a timely manner…now that, to quote Bill Clinton, “Takes some brass!”

If we ask people to honestly assess what they’ve seen happen over the last four years and take “parties” out of it, I’m positive that there isn’t one person who actually believed that in four years time, anyone, let alone one man, could get us back to the way it was especially since where we’d been had a false bottom.

Why is it with public figures we expect more from them than we do ourselves? If this were you at (insert company name) and you were faced with rebuilding an office, you would expect to be given support and you’d be highly upset if no support was given and management walked in and laid all the blame at your feet as if they had no part to play in your failure.

I was brought in to manage an office that had been managed into the ground by the previous staff and when I was brought in to do an “Obama” and clean it up, they instructed me to go in and get rid of the dead weight, hire replacement for said dead weight, bring the office back to code and oh, do all this and maintain goals and grow the office all while giving superior customer service! Being naive about what I was walking into, I thought that by doing what I was supposed to do, I’d receive the support that would enable me to successfully clean up and  manage my office…it didn’t happen.

I covered my end of the bargain but was left high and dry and I received no support from upper management and because of the lack of support, I and my office were unsuccessful. When they talked to me about why I was unable to perform at a satisfactory level, I was completely incredulous at their ability to talk to me as if they were completely devoid of culpability. Apparently, their job ended when they put me in office…I wish someone had informed me. I eventually was able to turn my office around but it took time and teamwork and it wasn’t until everyone realized their role that we were able to accomplish the original goal.

It’s time for the citizens of this country to stop listening to outside forces and start to think for themselves. President Obama has worked tirelessly to turn this country around and whether you agree with his policies or not, you cannot deny that what he has faced has never been seen before in the history of the United States and he has faced it head on, with little to no support. So when I’m asked if Obama should be in office another four years, my response will be–“Bush got a second chance and didn’t accomplish what he said he’d do, Obama accomplished what Bush couldn’t in his first term…seems obvious to me!”

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