Oh Rhianna and Chris Brown…their reunion was inevitable and for my friends and I, no surprise because we had predicted this outcome over a year ago. The one thing I knew from having been young and in love is it ain’t over ’til it’s over and the only reason they broke up was not because he hit her, it was because he hit her and “we”, the public, broke them up! All of the steps that were taken after it was reported that he abused her were steps that were pushed on her by the publics need for closure.

Of course, Rhianna was upset, hurt and confused after the events of that fateful night in 2009, but the events that took place afterwards; his subsequent arrest and her ABC interview on 20/20, were all a result of outside forces. Because of their celebrity, their relationship didn’t get the chance to play out the way a normal young relationship might end and add to that the plea deal to the allegations of abuse…there was no other option.

As their domestic issues propelled both of them to have their every move scrutinized, the one thing that became evident was that these two people, who obviously loved each other, weren’t done with each other and as an outsider looking in, I knew that it was just a matter of time before they figured out how to make their relationship happen again. They each had rebound relationships and hook-ups but the reason every news outlet stalked their every move was because the law of averages said that these two were going to find a way to get back together.

They started by doing two songs together earlier this year (Birthday Cake and Turn Up the Music) and then had them drop at the same time…the wheels were set in motion. Fast forward to Rhianna professing her undying love for Chris to Oprah, the kiss and embrace at the MTV VMA‘s and within the last week, the pictures of them hugged up at a night club in N.Y., them leaving the Gansevoort Hotel separately and him with his arm around her chair at Jay-Z‘s concert in Brooklyn, we all knew it wouldn’t be long before they came out and announced they were back together.

Chris finally broke up with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran and then posted a video confessional that could only be described as “Drunk videotaping”, claiming to be in love with two women and trying to convince (I don’t know who) that he was struggling with his decisions.

I will give him his” struggle” of loving two people because had he not put his hands on Rhianna, they might not have been forced to break up and he might not have fallen for Karrueche…making this whole situation even more complicated and messy.

What we are all watching is a high school drama on steroids because of their celebrity. Only time will tell if Chris and Rhianna truly decide to come out into the light with their relationship and while statistically, we know the chances of their relationship lasting are slim, the hope is that it doesn’t end as disastrously as it did the last time.