Republican Elephant - Icon

Republican Elephant – Icon (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Has anyone else noticed that the only people who have been blessed with the parent gene seem to be members of the Republican Party? Since the 2008 Presidential election, they have been on this “We’re better than you because we have our babies” kick and I am so over it! The 2008 elections was the first election, in a long time, where EVERYONE had something to say and being a banker inside a grocery store, my counter was like the town watering hole.

The conversation that really got everyone going at the time was the nomination of Sarah Palin as John McCain‘s Vice Presidential running mate and when questions about whether she was qualified to be the Vice Presidential nominee came up, the answer from anyone who was republican or undecided was–“Well, she has 5 kids…” What? That had to be the most asinine response I had ever heard.

It became evident very quickly that because she didn’t have a true record to stand on, the only record she did have that was of any consequence was her record as a mother. Sarah Palin did the unthinkable and gave birth to 5 children…so that was all it took for you to be considered a qualified candidate for Vice President of the United States of America? Well we all know that the answer is “Yes“.

It was then that I realized the republican strategy…harp on her success at having given birth (like that’s unique) because that will correlate with our pro-life stance and voila…a platform is born! By the end of that campaign, I was so tired of hearing about the phenomena of giving birth 5 times and that, somehow, being a qualification to run for V.P. of the United States.

They convinced themselves that her managing to give birth 5 times was some kind of feat and not one that millions of women manage every year. To those who used the ability to breed as validation, I would always reminded them that what she’s “accomplished”  has also been “accomplished” by plenty of welfare recipients, just to put everything into perspective…they didn’t like that.

Listening to how wonderful they were because they “valued” family was offensive and disrespectful to all the rest of us who “valued” our families and human rights. Somehow we were less american because we chose not to embrace their republican ideology…it pissed me off!

As the 2012 presidential election approached, it became obvious that they were going to stick to the same strategy and this time the poster child for being a great breeder (I mean republican) was Ann Romney. She, like Palin had done the impossible and given birth…wait for it… 5 times and along with her successful businessman husband, they were perfect to perpetuate the “We’re wonderful because we give birth” spin.

The Republican Party has, very irresponsibly, cornered themselves into the proverbial corner with their obscure stance on family and how their choices make them not only the better choice but better people…sounds like Hitler to me!

As a parent of two children (amazing…a democrat who chose to give birth!) who has never thought of aborting and loves and values family, the divisive rhetoric the party is spewing is doing nothing more than divide the very country they claim to love so much (It sounds like the parenting style comes with conditions).

Republicans will continue to spin their story of “Great parents are republican” but they will never be able to convince me that I wasn’t born with the parenting gene because I have the stretch marks to prove it and I dare them to tell me otherwise!