My momma has always said, “God can take care of (insert wrong doer) better than I can…and when he does…I feel sorry for ’em.” When I was young, I used to look at her and think, “UGH” and role my eyes (when she wasn’t looking). This was always said when I wanted to go off on someone who I felt had wronged me. I used to be that person who would let you have it and tell you exactly how I felt, especially when I was in my early 20’s. That is how I became known as the “Militant One” in my family.

I really felt (and still do) that any injustice should be stopped and if someone didn’t say something, I automatically felt it should be me. Obviously, this got me in a lot of trouble and my mother had to do a lot of talking to get me to understand that every battle didn’t need to be fought by me. Some battles are bigger than me and should be left to God and that was a hard lesson to learn but as I got older, I realized you can’t fight all the time or you will be fighting all the time and so I began to let go and I started let God. Once I let go, I started to realize that in due time, the wrong doer had their house of cards fall apart and it was done in a way that I never could have fathomed.

We are watching that play out with Evelyn Lozada. For the last 2 years, viewers of VH1’s Basketball Wives have watched as she bullied many of her castmates and even her former best friend. She has hopped over tables, thrown wine bottles and confessed to sleeping with fellow cast member, Tami Roman’s, ex-husband (while they were still married) and then had the audacity to tell Tami that she was a “non-muthafuckin’ factor”…who does that? Evelyn disrespected everyone including herself and would dare you to say something so when she began dating ChadOchocinco” Johnson, we all thought, “this is a match made in Heaven”…and it was.

In Chad, Evelyn met her match. She couldn’t bully him (she tried) and since she couldn’t bully him she chose to join him. She allowed everything she was against (I know…amazing that she stood for something) to go on in her relationship all in the name of “love” and now she wants to press charges. An injustice has happened to her and someone should pay! Wait…an injustice has occurred and she wants someone to pay? Did we all hear that right? Yes we did.

Oh the irony! I don’t think one person could have imagined that this relationship would unravel the way it did, in front of the world and God. Don’t get me wrong, we knew it was going to unravel but I don’t know one person who thought it would play out the way it did and in such grand fashion. For those us who saw any of her show, the first question was always, ” why isn’t anybody stopping her?” Well, she has been stopped now.

I don’t think we are going to be seeing the villainous Evelyn Lozada for sometime. I think her days of beating up women (it was cute when she did it)  and putting raw dolphin bait in another persons room (because she didn’t like them) are over. So for all of you who sat there in awe of her antics like I did and wondered how she was going to be stopped, we just witnessed what my momma always said and I do feel a little sorry for her.