“Straighten up your face!”, said in a very forceful manner. Oh, I heard this a lot! We all know the look too. Your mother asks you to do something you don’t want to do and your face crinkles up, your lips launch into smacking position and just as you are primed to give your best imitation of “the disgruntled teenager”, your mother hits you with the words that you know mean you are about to get it and you quickly remember yourself. This scenario played out many times in my teenage career and when my daughter hit thirteen and her crooked faced alter ego made its appearance, I found myself uttering those words more and more.

In life, when you walk around with your face scrunched up and your lips turned out the person who loses is you. No one wants to hang around a person who presents themselves in an unapproachable manner and no one wants to hire a person who projects an image of disdain. Just because you don’t like what someone has to say, doesn’t mean you have the right walk around looking any which way. Straightening up your face teaches you respect and as an adult, it will give you the ability to further your career and in the end, you don’t want your money to be affected because no one ever told you to straighten up your face!