I think we have all heard of or witnessed an adult throwing a temper tantrum. Some of us may have been the person that threw the temper tantrum. Your emotions get the best of you and the next thing you know, you are flying off the handle and letting the person or persons you  feel have threatened you, have it! Hopefully this doesn’t happen too often, but if you have ever witnessed an adult throw a temper tantrum, I’m sure you will agree that it is one of the most unsettling events to watch happen.

I am a reality show junkie and pretty much any show that Bravo or the Style Network produce, I am usually watching! So when a show comes on that I cannot physically sit and watch in one sitting, there is a problem. My problem show is Chicagolicious. I so want to like this show and all of the elements are there for me to officially call myself a fan but there is one person who, when she gets started, I just want to shake her and without fail, I have to change the station!

Valencia…really? Over 40, insecure to the hilt and always crying and yelling about feeling left out…again, at 40+! This is a woman who is obviously a very accomplished hairstylist but her insecurities completely overshadow her accomplishments and all I see is a grown woman whose maturity level looks to be that of an 8 year old. When has it ever been appropriate for anyone to act an outright fool in public and especially at work?

The first time I saw her in action, I was in such disbelief that she not only threw tantrums at work but in front of the clientele, the manager in me wanted to know why her behavior wasn’t shut down immediately and why she still had a job? The owner of the salon does eventually take her aside…almost every episode, but in my opinion the damage has been done and it is too little too late. She has embarrassed the brand and more importantly, herself.

When I first saw the show, I gave the managerial staff the benefit of the doubt as to their response to her behavior because when an adult flashes on you for no reason, you are usually stuck in such disbelief that there aren’t even words to respond the nonsense you are witnessing.

As a former bank manager, I have witnessed the adult tantrum both from employees and customers but the difference between me and the owner and managerial staff of Chicagolicious is that I shut that mess down as soon as it reared its ugly head. There is no way that I would ever allow anyone to think that they can act the way they do at home, in a professional environment and if there is one thing I hate, it is watching a grown person completely lose control and respond in a childish manner. It is embarrassing and it shows a complete lack of self-respect.

I realize that this is t.v. and the whole point of television is to entertain, but for me, this show would still be entertaining minus the resident adult child. I’m interested in watching “Reality t.v.” but I can’t condone child-like behavior so if Valencia can’t not “keep it real” to the point where there is absolutely no control or filter, I will help her recognize what home training looks like and turn the channel.